TEAM VENOM (2) - ’Happy birthday to my mad older brother @hardgraff39 much love to him on his born day. Always been a massive support on my life journey real ride or die friend and Thank you for always having my back. Bless up’

Michael Page Instagram

MAN STRONG - ’Pure man strength from Henderson there’. Thnx to former England and Harlequins rugby player Nick Easter for definition : ’Man strength is natural strength or strength built up through occupations like farming or scaffolding as opposed to manufactured in the gym’. Note the power in Mr Easter’s left arm compared with right.

Nick Easter Twitter

OH, I SAY - former world #1 Karolina Plíšková shows off her powerful forehand. Unfortunately the tennis match was already over : she had lost to Greece’s Maria Sakkari having argued with umpire Marta Mrozinksa

Guardian Sport YouTube

BIG BUTT - ’He’s got big thighs, big backside, big core’: Robbie Hunter-Paul tells BBC viewers why Aussie rugby league import Ben Barba is so good
BARBA HAT TRICk - three tries for St Helens’ Ben Barba in 36-18 win against Castleford : check ’em out at 2:13, 3:50 and 10:24

Castleford vs Saints YouTube

BEN BARBA BEST - ’He’s one of the best full-backs who has ever played the game - he’s a freak. He has had his doubters and people still give him grief at games about his past but he has learnt from his mistake. It’s not about the setback, it’s about the comeback’ (Tommy Makinson, winger, St Helens)

Tommy Makinson Twitter

MOTTIE BAFTA – legend John Motson honoured with BAFTA Special award for career in football commentating


RIO BAFTA – Rio Ferdinand wins BAFTA Best Single Documentary for ‘Being Mum and Dad’, the aftermath of loss of wife Rebecca to breast cancer


#HAYEBELLEW2 – Haye vs Bellew The Rematch has its own Twitter @hayebellew2. Jake Outram‏ msg ’Bellew 2/1 for next Saturday.. tempted to throw a few quid at that. Thoughts boxing fans?’


SUIT OFF - Tony Bellew reveals new hairstyle in face-off. David Haye not impressed but who won the sartorial stakes? Single-breasted suit + tie vs double-breasted with open neck? Did TB shade it? You decide. Firepower88 msg ’Bellew is trying to talk Haye up over the course of the whole event.... thing is Haye isn’t buying it any longer and ignores most of it. Watch Bellew get blitzed inside 6 rounds. Haye is in shape and has his mind where he needs it to be’

FightHype YouTube

THE HAYEMAKER - David ’The Hayemaker’ Haye looking good at his London gym : w124drop msg ’do you think he is naturally hairless, or do you think he waxes?’

David Haye Instagram

NO NICKNAME - Tony ’This Space Left Blank Intentionally’ Bellew also in good shape and so relaxed he doesn’t bother with a gym, just works out at home

Tony Bellew Instagram

PUNCH CONFERENCE – Tony Bellew tweet : ‘Right we have the presser later this afternoon! Remember now David to behave yourself! We don’t need any of this lad...’ refers to press conference last year. Mya Johal1 msg ‘Bellend pushed him first, David hit him with a fast hook, bellend dose not throw a lot of punches his hands remain high, he likes to take his time hoping the other guy gases’

BeanymanSports YouTube

ENGLAND RUGBY LEGENDS - Will Greenwood, Neil Back and Mike Tindall after The Wolf Run 10k obstacle course : dryrobe msg ’Legends indeed!! Good to see’

Wolf Run Instagram

THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MIKE - something different. Is it the beard...

Mike Tindall Instagram

...or has he had a little work done? No, It’s definitely the beard : jennyheylinsmith msg ’An amazing nose - it’s got a lot of tales to tell!’

Mike Tindall Instagram

SHOW ME THE CATCHPHRASE - ’All the money is in the bag’ : Deontay Wilder ahead on points in battle of heavyweight boxing catchphrases. What has Anthony Joshua got?

Deontay Wilder Instagram

SHOW ME THE POETRY - ’When will they ever have another fighter who writes poems...?’ (Muhammad Ali). Deontay ’Shakespeare’ Wilder stuns Anthony Joshua with a rhyming tercet : ’Hey mate. Don’t wait. Make the date!’ AJ gonna have to dig deep to come back from that devastating 1-2-3 combo!

Deontay Wilder YouTube

DUH - incoming msg : ’yo TalkUsThru, rhyming tercet - wtf?’. Listen up sports fans. A rhyming couplet is a poetic unit of two rhymed lines so a rhyming tercet is....you got it!
TRASH TALKING - Deontay ’Shakespeare’ Wilder aka ’BronzeBomber’ has US media legend Michael ’Motormouth’ Rapaport in his corner so Anthony ’No Catchphrase Yet’ Joshua defs needs to up his verbal game. Also, there’s a question over entourage names. ’Bomb Squad’ vs ’Team AJ’ - which is better? You decide!

Michael Rapaport YouTube

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