IT’S ALL A BLUR - Emily Ratajkowski ’Not in Spain just reminiscing’ about...

Emily Ratajkowski Instagram

LI PHILOSOPHER - Anna Vakili, Love Island class of 2019, says ’Don’t let anyone ever dull your sparkle ✨’

Anna Vakili Instagram

LI BAND - Zara McDermott joins...

Zara McDermott Instagram

...fellow 2018 Love Islanders on ’X Factor: Celebrity’ for a rendition of ‘There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back’ by Shawn Mendes.

The X Factor UK

...on the move.

Rita Ora Instagram

...simply world class, enabling her to...

Simone Biles Instagram

...perform the ’Triple Double on Floor, the manoeuvre which other gymnasts feel compelled to watch.

Team USA

BOOTIFUL - Bella Hadid wore this to open Mugler Spring / Summer 2020 in Paris. ’Insane show 🖤’. Here’s...

Bella Hadid Instagram

...the view from behind. In addition...

Mugler Instagram

...Hayley wore ’shiny embossed cycling pants and a sheer black blouse’ from the same collection. Who’s Hayley? Probs..

Mugler Instagram

...stylist Haley Wollens who has...

Haley Wollens Instagram

...a more conventional pose from Haley.

Haley Wollens Instagram

DENIM DERRIERE - mychicobsession msg ’Love the shape of these!’ The jeans are not bad, either : Le Marais by Rouge.

Rouje Instagram

SANDRA MARJANA - who is she? What...

Sandra Marjana Instagram

...does she do? Does...

Sandra Marjana Instagram

...it matter? Does anything matter? Derriera just raising a philosophical point.

Sandra Marjana Instagram

BELFIE - musician / DJ Fiona Zanetti demos her booty selfie technique involving multiple mirrors. Note that...

Fiona Zanetti Instagram

...sunbathing can lead to...

Fiona Zanetti Instagram

...tan lines.

Fiona Zanetti Instagram

MEL B - is for busy. After the the success of her ’an evening with’ she returns to...

Mel B Instagram

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