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The Sun Showbiz

’WOKE LOVE ISLAND - Don’t wreck my guilty pleasure’ (Polly Vernon, The Times) ’I — a fully grown woman who....

Polly Vernon Instagram

...pays her taxes and functions (to a point) in polite society — cannot wait for the new series of Love Island! This year marks my fourth of devoted watching, and this week’s warm-up period alone is quite enough to give me goosebumps’.

The Times

STYLIST - Amy Bannerman is in charge of the wardrobe for...

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...the Love Island contestants : it’s pre-owned from eBay. Hasta la vista fast fashion!

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’MONEY BAGS MOL - Multi-millionaire Molly Mae Hague is Love Island’s richest ever contestant’ (The Sun) ’She has....

The Sun

...an exceptionally aspirational look, yet maintains a sense of ordinariness which allows many to feel that, they too, can embark on a similar journey’.

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