PLT - Pretty Little Thing : that’s the name of the brand, in case you were wondering.

Pretty Little Thing Instagram

’SUBLIME - et élégante but funny’ : graficbook msg to performance artist...

Carlota Guerrero Instagram

...Carlota Guerrero, creator of ’Love Different’ show for fashion brand Desigual. Swipe right.

Desigual Instagram

NOT LOST IN TRANSLATION - ’Luxe, calme et volupté’ : swimwear brand Lemlem translates as ’Luxury, calm and voluptuousness’

Lemlem Instagram

POLE SKILLZ - FKA Twigs : ’nothing to see here’

FKA Twigs Instagram

GCDS - Hot Girl Meg models for GCDS which stands for ’Girls Can Desire Sex’, appaz

GCDS Instagram

MOSS THE BOSS - TOWEL SERIES 154, KATE MOSS by @mariotestino “Kate did the first Towel Series ever and I have always wanted to do a second one. I am thrilled it is here now. She is my constant inspiration, and keeps looking better and better! Long live Kate!”

Kate Moss Instagram

BOOTIFUL - Nicole Scherzinger in Alex Perry and...

Nicole Scherzinger Instagram

...in next to nothing.

Pussycat Dolls Instagram

BLONDE, BLACK - and booty, the Kim Petras look. Update : ’hoes still mad’ and...

Kim Petras Instagram

...’this is my official statement on wbc picketing my show in Kansas City tomorrow. this is the energy i’m bringing n it should be yours too 💓’. Check out...

Kim Petras Instagram

...the KP backstory : ’breaking barriers as music’s new pop princess’

ABC News

BOOTS - Jessica Rose : ’These boots were made for dancing.’ And the booty?

Jessica Rose Instagram

...in next to nothing.

Pussycat Dolls Instagram

RED BOTTOMS - Riri likes to show off her red bottoms. What are you thinking? The Loubs to the right of ’Savage x Fenty’!

Savage x Fenty Instagram

ALL WHITE - Dua Lipa tries out...

Dua Lipa Instagram

...her stage outfit for...

Dua Lipa Instagram

...’Don’t Start Now’ at...

Dua Lipa Instagram

...ARIA Awards 2019 in Sydney. Want the bikini / booty shot from Hamilton Island? Thought so...

Warner Music Australia

...swipe right x3. Don’t mention it.

Dua Lipa Instagram

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