...the previous week he awarded Faye Tozer a very respectable 9 for her Jive to Jackie Wilson’s ’Reet Petite’ with Giovanni Pernice who...


...is rumoured to be doing a bit of extracurricular jiving with Ashley Roberts. The ’Italian Stallion’, seen here food wiping Faye...

Giovanni Pernice Instagram

...which prompted her husband Michael Smith‏ to ask ’Where’s @pernicegiovann1 when you need him?’

Michael Smith Twitter

3 Fs - ’I’m fun, fair and feisty’ (Shirley Ballas, Daily Express). ’Darcey is like Snow White - she’s just so sweet - and Craig is amazing. Underneath, he’s a soft little teddy bear. I’ve been friends with Bruno for about 12 years too. He is as mad as a hatter...he has arms like an orangutan’. Shirl’s 4th F is ’family’, probs...
...Auntie Babs ’having her first ever pedicure’ and...

Shirley Ballas Instagram

...son Mark : ’So incredibly proud of my son @markballas, doing an amazing job on #broadway smashing #charlieprice in @kinkybootsbway’. His dad is...

Shirley Ballas Instagram

...champion dancer Corky Ballas, seen here jiving with Shirley back in 1989 : Jerilynn86 msg ’WOW! Absolutely Amazing! They were soooooooo good. I loved the part where Corky was bent down running around Shirley and falling over:) It’s great watching this and knowing where Mark gets all his charisma from. He’s just like his dad’


CURSE OF OK! - pro dancer Amy Dowden and fiance Ben Jones ’In the new issue of @ok_mag myself and @benjones142 talk wedding plans, our dancing journey and of course Strictly ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you @ok_mag, we had a lovely time ❤️’. There is no recognised ’Curse of OK!’ so they should be OK!

Amy Dowden Instagram

CURSE OF HELLO! - recognised phenomenon of mysterious jinx cast on your romantic life the minute you appear in Hello! magazine, exacerbated by talk of personal happiness. Amy Dowden and Ben Jones wisely opted for OK! magazine instead.
ACTION! - ’Behind the scenes of our @ok_mag photo shoot! ❤️’: taffe557547 msg ’Tell that man of yours to give you a big fat cwtch, you need & deserve one for putting up with that bully on scd’

Amy Dowden Instagram

BLACKPOOL - ’They’re off to Blackpool!’ trailer now available for your viewing pleasure

BBC Strictly

NEWBIE - new pro dancer Luba Mushtuk, previously a Strictly choreographer, was earlier this year rumoured to be the ’secret girlfriend’ of...

Luba Mushtuk Instagram

...Giovanni Pernice, loopystu06 msg ’Oh my god you are so f’ing hot! 🔥’, who is rumoured...

Giovann1 Pernice Instagram

...to be ’connected with’ Ashley Roberts : ’Just want to say how grateful I am to be able to express myself through the dance...’ Anyway, she once dated Declan Donnelly and is now dancing with Pasha Kovalev who...

Ashley Roberts Instagram

...is firmly ensconced with Countdowns’s Rachel Riley, seen here in classic ’he’s mine’ hand placement mode

Rachel Riley Instagram

DOOLEY BULLETIN - Stacey Dooley confident that intercostal injury will not keep her out of Strictly on Saturday despite missing training sesions : ’Nothings broke! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 All the drugs and all the cuppas gonna hook us up! See you Sat!’

Stacey Dooley Instagram

CALL OF THE WILD - rumours that SCD bad boy comediann Seann Walsh about to get the call for the Junngle being taken seriously by the bookies but not by ’his people’. Check the trailer...

II’m A Celebrity Trailer

...doesn’t the Aussie look like he could be Graeme Swann’s older brother? And ’Swann’ has two n’s! The plot thickens!


HIPPY TO CHUCKY - Eyal ’Love Island’ Booker, described by ’Celebs Go Dating’ narrator Rob Beckett as the ’sex hippy’, morphs into ’Chucky’ before your eyes. Anyone who saw the ’Strictly Come Dancing’ Halloween Show will agree with StrictLee that he’s a shoo-in for SCD 2019 on account of his transformer skillz. But can he move? Check out...

Eyal Booker Instagram

...the 2014 vid from pop band ’EverYoung’. Eyal is the one with the curly hair, not the baseball cap. Fast forward...


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