WiLI- Winter Love Island channel
FLACK SACKED? - Caroline Flack has a cameo MC role (don’t blink) in ’GREED’ but...

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...has stood down from her lucrative gig hosting WiLI. Beeb has the runners and riders as her replacement.


OMG! - it was all going so well : trailer available, Closer..


...has ’EVERYTHING you need to know about new Love Island Winter’ and...


...La Flack has been topping up her tan. Before you know it...

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...she’s nicked for boyfriend bashing...

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...6’4" former pro tennis player turned model Lewis Burton (27). Ex Andrew Brady (27) is...

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...apparently ’not surprised’ by news of Caroline’s (40) arrest for alleged assault’. WTF is going on? ’Am I dreaming?’ asks...

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...Murad Merali

Murad Merali

WHAT THE - Flack? Caroline reported to have ’posed topless on holiday in Ibiza after brushing off a furious row she was seen having with boyfriend Lewis Burton’ (The Sun) ’Caroline was seen waving a phone in Lewis’s face in pictures that suggested they were in the midst of a row’. Model Lewis is...
...a former pro tennis player.

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WiLI - Winter Love Island : UK winter, that is, but it’s summer in South Africa. Radio Times has more.
Radio Times


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