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’YOU USED TO - call me on my cell phone’ rapped Drake on ’Hotline Bling’ back in 2015 wearing a...


...cherry-red Moncler Maya. FT ’How To Spend It’ mag reports that...

FT How To Spend It Instagram

...the puffa, launched in 2009, is still going strong in 2020 : ’Indeed, online platform Lyst ranked it first in its list of Hottest Men’s Products for the last quarter of 2019’.


SOCCER SNEAKER - by Balenciaga in black or white...


...’Fluo Yellow’, inspired by moulded- stud football boots : ’100% Polyurethane 13 cleats on each sole, Balenciaga logo on tongue, BB logo printed on counter back’.


DESIGNER WELLIES - are big news for winter. The Balenciaga Excavator in black rubber is available for pre-order.


FAV 5 - exercises from Patrick Hutchinson at 50 : ’I’m not after size anymore like in my younger days. Just an athletic physique that is fully functional. So I mainly do compound movements. If...

Patrick Hutchinson Instagram

...you replace the bench press in this video with press-ups you have 5 of my fav exercises for my home full body workout. Enjoy 💪🏿’

Patrick Hutchinson Instagram

CARBON PPF - ’What have I @y14nny done to my new Lamborghini Urus?!’ Car Wrap 👑...

Yiannimize Instagram

...Yianni Charalambous wants to ’introduce you to the best Carbon Fibre film currently available in the world! Have been waiting for YEARS to have a car fully covered in carbon and this Gloss Carbon laid by @Salv_Yiannimize really is perfect! Keeping it classy and stylish!’ Note that...


...’Pics don’t show the new Carbon PPF so swipe to see close up shots’. Yianni’s verdict : ’it’s more subtle!’

y14nny Instagram

BODY MODIFIED - Las Vegas bodybuilder Craig Golias at 150 lbs and 350 lbs. Now compare...

Craig Golias Instagram

...255lbs (aged 24) with...

Craig Golias Instagram

...355lbs back view. Here’s...

Craig Golias Instagram

...the young Craig (at 21) and...

Craig Golias Instagram

...a vid at 340lbs.


BOMBERS AWAY - Louis Vuitton leather Clouds Bomber comes in at £4,950 whereas...

Louis Vuitton

...the hand- painted crocodile version costs £136,000. You decide!

Louis Vuitton

£600 JEANS - from Gucci : ’Crafted from organic cotton and treated for distressed look, the straight-leg denim pant brings back the ’80s and ‘90s grunge fashion, channeling the Fall Winter 2020 collection’s underground vibes’.


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