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NEW FOOTBALL TOKENS - Cristiano Ronaldo is to...

Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram

...’create a series of NFT collections for sale exclusively on the Binance NFT platform’.

SCD NFTs - ’Strictly Come Dancing’ pro Neil Jones reported to be planning a dance NFT project.

Neil Jones Instagram

NFT FAQs - LaCollection has answers (tap to view). It’s...

...a ’NFT platform certified by the British Museum’ (tap to view) : ’Turner NFT...

...drop is now closed’.

LaCollection Instagram

’EUROPE’s - first NFT Advisory’. Quantus Gallery (tap to view) is...
Quantus Gallery

...open for business : ’There is no doubt that...

Quantus Gallery Instagram

...the digital art market is on the rise and will continue to be in the foreseeable future’. Check out...

Quantus Gallery Instagram

...GBNews for...


..more info.


’WHY - luxury fashion houses are embracing NFTs. You can’t wear them, not in the real world – and not even in the digital world, yet’. (Harriet Walker, The Times) ’But NFTs are now going for more than their high-fashion originals. At...

The Times

...the digital auction house Xydrobe (tap to view), an expert team recreated a JW Anderson cardigan worn by...

...the singer Harry Styles that sold for about £5,730. On a coat hanger it cost £1,200’.

Xydrobe Instagram

MUSICAL NFTs - Madonna...

Madonna Instagram

...and Mariah provide a...

Mariah Carey Instagram

...series of special covers for the Billboard annual ’Women in Music’ issue with...


..accompanying NFTs that will be auctioned on FTX : ’Some of the proceeds will benefit nonprofit organizations of each cover star’s choosing’.


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