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IT’S TIEGEN TIME - Architectural Digest visits...

Architectural Digest Instagram

...Chrissy Tiegen and John Legend (tap and swipe 👉) at...

Chrissy Tiegen Instagram

...their ’Serene Family Home’ in Beverly Hills, created with... .

Architectural Digest

...LA-based British interior designer Jake Arnold. Check out...

Jake Arnold

...his Instagram.

Jake Arnold Instagram

TOP GEAR STAR - Richard Hammond has a...

Richard Hammond Instagram

...’private clubhouse’, not a man cave!


REAL ESTATE - expert Toby Corban takes the tour of...

Toby Corban Instagram

...’a £23,000,000 Belgravia Townhouse with a Waterfall’, or if you prefer...

Toby Corban

...an indoor pool in nearby Mayfair then...

The Luxury Home Show

...The Luxury Home Show has the answer at £19,750,000.

The Luxury Home Show

DESIGNER - Erdem, here at the Fashion Awards, shows...

Erdem Instagram

...’Objects of Affection’ from his Bloomsbury townhouse to Vogue.


BEVERLY HILLS - Producer Michael introduces a luxury modern mansion. Go to...

Michael Blakey Instagram

...YouTube for the full (30 mins) video tour.


THE LIBRARY HOUSE - in east London, created by...

The Library House Project

...architect Macdonald Wright, does not...

Macdonald Wright

...rely on gas (energy costs less than £150 per annum - scroll down to ’Sustainability’ for details). It features in...

Open City

...The Times : ’How do you build a sustainable yet well-designed house on a tight budget?’

The Times

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