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XMAS AD - £100 Hafod Hardware Christmas vid goes viral

Hafod Hardware

FRIENDS + FAMILY - ’grime crime’ : residents of Barking & Dagenham are grassing up fly-tipping friends, family and neighbours. The Wall of Shame works! One geezer dobbed...

Barking & Dagenham

...his wife and next-door neighbour. What was going on there? This is better than reality TV.


GEORDIE HUMOUR - SportsRedirect.com set up by 5 Geordies to annoy Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley by offering alternative to his SportsDirect.com website

NOD - National Orgasm Day on July 31 (who knew?) celebrated by adult retailer Lovehoney with raunchy new TV ad, strapline ’Turn up the turn on’. Tune in on YouTube.


HOW TO BE A MOVIE EXPERT - check out Sergio Leone masterpiece ’Once Upon a Time in the West’, collect anecdotal info such as ’Henry Fonda cast against type as the baddie’ etc etc...

YouTube Movies

...then do same for his gangster sequel ’Once Upon a Time In America’ making sure you watch the ’Extended Director’s Cut’ as well as the theatrical release...

YouTube Movies

...now discuss fan made teaser trailer for forthcoming Quentin Tarantino project ’Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ starring Leonardo DiCaprio as fading movie star with Brad Pitt as his stunt double in Hollywood during 1969 ’Summer of Charlie’ and...


...keep up with 60s style Leo and Brad on OUATIH Instagram : punarvsarkar msg ’Gonna be BOMB!’

OUATIH Instagram

SIDE PROJECT - DJ D-Sol has re-mixed Fleetwood Mac’s ’Don’t Stop’ and is hoping for a summer EDM hit : by day he’s Goldman Sachs president David Solomon

CNNMoney YouTube

...and here, for yr delectation, is the choon

DJ D-Sol feat. Ray Dalio "Don't Stop Remix 2.0"

CAP’N SLOW - former Top gear presenter James May owns a Ferrari 458 Speciale which he could sell at a premium giving him more than enough to buy...


...it’s successor, the 711bhp Ferrai Pista, tauruswaze msg ’Art in motion’. However he couldn’t up his mind so instead put a deposit on...

Ferrari Instagram

...the Alpine A110 : ’...a 249bhp four-pot unit, but it weighs not much more than a ton’, seen here in the capable hands of The Stig on Top Gear

Top Gear YouTube


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