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’DOMENO DRIVER OUTSIDE’ - takeaway related msgs on Takeaway Trauma

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GEEZAGRAM - Blindin’! Ray Winstone, geezer / Londoner / actor / sports fan / co-founder of / ambassador for....

Jaime Winstone Instagram

...Integral Sports Management, has...

Integral Sports Management Instagram

...only gone and got hisself on the Gram : ’All you mob pretending to be me, in the past, you can jog on now!’

Ray Winstone Instagram

KEEP IT REAL ONLINE - New Zealand government ad to educate children about pornography. Mother played by...

Keep It Real Online

...NZ comedian Justine Smith : ’Alright Matty, it sounds like it’s time to have a talk’

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SLEB SHOUT OUTS - ’I heard about a website called...


...Cameo. ’Get personalized messages from your favourite celebrities’ like...


...’Just Eat’ ambassador Snoop...

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...Dogg who is on the Cameo roster with the likes of ....


...John Cleese : ’Please leave a message after the beep and I’ll get back to you. *BEEP*’ and...

Cameo Instagram

...The Hoff : ’Gimme a ring and I’ll get back’.

Cameo Instagram

DOGGY STYLE - Snoop Dogg remix of...

Snoop Dogg Instagram

...the Just Eat jingle available now : ’I’m sick of this, get those Just Eat fools on the line for me – we gonna do this Doggy-style’.

Just Eat Ireland

FRIENDS + FAMILY - ’grime crime’ : residents of Barking & Dagenham are grassing up fly-tipping friends, family and neighbours. The Wall of Shame works! One geezer dobbed...

BBC London

...his wife and next-door neighbour. What was going on there? This is better than reality TV.


GEORDIE HUMOUR - SportsRedirect.com set up by 5 Geordies to annoy Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley by offering alternative to his SportsDirect.com website

NOD - National Orgasm Day on July 31 (who knew?) celebrated by adult retailer Lovehoney with raunchy new TV ad, strapline ’Turn up the turn on’. Tune in on YouTube.


HOW TO BE A MOVIE EXPERT - check out Sergio Leone masterpiece ’Once Upon a Time in the West’, collect anecdotal info such as ’Henry Fonda cast against type as the baddie’ etc etc...

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