Realitee - reality TV channel
DRAG RACE - star Baga Chipz (that’s her on the left) has...

Baga Chipz Instagram

...signed up for Celebrity First Dates : ’I’ve got lots coming up on TV’. Baga’s gonna be big!

Trinity The Tuck

SHIPWRECKED - E4 island-based reality show back after seven year absence from our screens with £50k prize for the winning tribe. Narrated by...


...radio DJ and Strictly 2018 contstant vick Hope : ’got to meet these dreamboats in the ACTUAL FLESH...even though I’ve been watching them for months in a dark little room on my own while talking to myself’

Vick Hope Instagram

CERTAINLY CHAVSCOT - ’Absolutely Ascot’ underway on ITVBe. What to expect? ’Where drama is taken to a whole new level and glamour is everything!’ but The Sun describes it as...
...’basically Made In Chelsea, Towie and Big Fat Gypsy Wedding combined’. Could be worse so...
...check out the taster vid for gems like ’Oh I look like a proper minge’

Absolutely Ascot

CIRCLE OF HELL - ’The Circle - surely short for Circle of Hell, which is what it feels like after five minutes...The rules are simple in this new reality show, which is like a version of Big Brother for particularly dim millennials, or an inner city variety of Love Island sans tans’ Jan Moir (Daily Mail) so...
...here’s a taster : ’Sparks fly between Kate and Mitchell on their first date. The catch is Kate is actually Alex!’ Catfished?

Channel 4

A STAR IS BORN? - red dress about 10 secs into Big Brother 2018 vid, inside it (just about) is Sian Hamshaw

Big Brother UK

CATFISH TV - presenters Maya Jama and Alice Levine explain new social media-based reality show The Circle, aka The Catfish. Not a villa on an island, just an apartment block with contact between inhabitants. ’Remember, anyone can be anyone in The Circle...’: Sa Sa msg ’someone will catfish someone’

Channel 4

JUNGLE JIGGLE - Holly Willoughby, now confirmed as ’I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ stand-in for Ant McPartlin, jiggles her assets whilst wearing what could be her jungle hat

Holly Willoughby Instagram

...Danny Dyer early rumour for IACGMOOH down under co-hosted by ’Holly Wallaby’ (hat tip to Daily Star for that)
WHO SHE? - CBB ’18 undergraduate Natalie Nunn is an American reality star noted for outstanding cleavage work on TV show Bad Girls Club

slim pickens


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